Modern Parenting - 4 P's of Parenting

Vinod Kumar

What is this modern parenting?

The role of a parent has evolved from being able to feed and provide for a child and today it has become everything from raising your child to finding the perfect profession for them.

There is an ever-widening increase in the job profile of a parent. This increased role of a parent in new age terminology is called modern parenting.

The choices that a parent has to take to get the perfect profession for your child is very crucial and important. Earlier parental choices were restricted to a minimum and important decisions such as, what college to choose from, which course will help your child's future were the trivial decisions endured by a parent, but today, important decisions have moved further up the order to a point that choosing the right School or preschool will decide how you will succeed as a parent.

Parenting has become a rigid space with everyone from the previous generation, your own children and the larger society setting very high benchmarks and expectations from a parent has become a birthright for children today. I was recently read a book by Dr Anusha, psychologist on parenting and she suggests a technique to become an expert on modern parenting. It is called 4 P'sof parenting.

The 4 P's will not only help you find the perfect profession for your child but also be a guide to happy life for them.

The 1st P of parenting is personality. Simply put, it is identifying your child's talents or abilities (core strengths) and being aware of their limitations (weaknesses). Their core strength tells you about their personalities.

Do a small exercise of noting down your child strengths and weaknesses over a period of time. Do this every year and make it a practice. On one side, have their strengths and other side, their limitations . Note down even smaller nuances.

Overtime, you will notice that your kids abilities will always be more than their limitations, i.e. abilities will outweigh limitations. With age they will acquire more skills and expertise.

Doing this exercise will help your child with three things

  1. Increase both their and your confidence levels
  2. Increase their positivity
  3. Increase their self esteem.

When you look at your child strengths you can easily match them with the right profession so that you don't follow the herd while finding the right career for your child.

2nd P of parenting is potential. You have found out your child's calling and mapped out the preferred profession based on their personality. Now you have to ensure if the profession has potential. Remember a potential profession based on your child's personality will be the one which will support their personal growth.

And personal growth + potential professional will provide for a stable family and social life, which is all we want for them. Keys to success in life lies in managing professional time. A profession can take a maximum of 30 % of your child's time if it is going to take more than 30% of their time it will create an imbalance in life.

Parenting Quote

Parenting Quote

The 3rd P of parenting is passion. Potential + personality can give material satisfaction in life, but it is passion, that gives job satisfaction. Today not many people like and do their jobs. They will always feel miserable in their jobs.

Passion is the driving factor to long term engagement in a profession. Out of the box professions, such as a social media marketer, personal shopper, comedian, rapper, urban farmer etc - these highly paying new-age professions were born purely out of passion by those individuals.

The 4th P of parenting is positivity.

It is not the aptitude but the attitude that determines the altitude - Zig Ziglar.

If your child lacks positivity, no amount of personality or potential or passion can help them in life. So encourage them every step; never discourage them; never compare them and they will grow with positivity.

Knowing their parents will be there to support them and give them confidence and positivity will be a huge booster for kids in the future. Once they know that their parents back them completely, they will grow more richer than ever.

The greatest gift a parent can give their child is positivity.

Remember it is Personality + Potential + Passion + Positivity which are the 4P's of Modern Parenting.

4 P's of Parenting - What is Modern Parenting?